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Custom surfboards


Haf = ’ocean’, ’sea’ (old norse)

Ocean. The source of life as we know it. The source of our inspiration.

Here at HAF’s we channel our love for the sea through our hands by crafting quality surfboards that last for years and years to come. Our vision is to  provide our customers a chance to participate in the phases of design, shaping and fixing of a surfboard to ensure or to extend your sports equipments long lasting life cycle. We mainly use recycled materials and high bio content epoxy resins to glass our boards. Your “bona fide” smile and happy moments with HAF logo is our most precious feedback. 

“I was born and raised by the sea. I spent my youth wandering the baltic and arctic coastlines. I learned how to walk on a sailing boat, swim in the cold baltic sea, love and respect the nature in its wildest forms during autumn storms in the archipelago. I consider it as a funny coincidence my parents named me after an old god from Norse mythology, who together with his two brothers Odin and Ve created the seas, islands, mountains and sky.” -Vili


Our main focus is in Surf related services. We design & shape custom boards, fix dinged or damaged surfboards and sell various surf related gear and accessories. During the winter time, when the sea is frozen we shape snowsurfboards, wax and repair skis & snowboards. 

Custom surfboards

 Our boards are made from partially recycled EPS foam and high bio content epoxy resins. Pricing depends on the size, fin setup, graphics and finishing, starting from 400€.

Ding repair works

Did you board get hit? Don’t worry, we’ll do our best to bring it back to life again. We fix all holes, cracks, delams or replace your finboxes. Drop us an email and lets schedule a fix! Prices starting from 30€.

Surf accessories

Looking for fins, leashes, wax, bags or some other surf related accessories? Contact us and lets see what we have in store for you 🙂

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Want to show us your support? HAF t-shirts, hoodies, bags are now available, contact us for more information & payment options! 

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HAF Surfboards Headquarters
Halsuantie 2, 00420 Helsinki

Opening hours: on request

Contact information:
Email: vili@hafsurfboards.com
Phone: +358 50 3021593

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